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INFORMS 2014 Data Mining Best Student Paper Award

The Data Mining (DM) Section of INFORMS announces the Best Student Paper Award to recognize excellence among its student members. Four finalists for the Best Student Paper Award will be selected by a panel of members of the DM section on any topic related to data mining by a student author.

Rules and Information:

  1. The presenting student author must be a student on or after January 1, 2014.
  2. Data mining and machine learning algorithms
  3. The research must have been conducted while the presenting author was a student.
  4. The paper must be written by the student author(s) with minor assistance from advisors. The effort of the student(s) must comprise at least 50% of the work presented in the
  5. The presenting student author must be a member of the Section on Data Mining.
  6. A student author must be available to present the work at a student session at the 2014 INFORMS Annual Meeting if selected as a finalist.
  7. Papers must be submitted with a maximum of 10 printed pages (1 inch margins, single column, single-spaced, 12 point font, and Times New Roman).
  8. Papers will not be published as part of the competition.
  9. Applications of data mining (health care, supply chain, transportation, etc.)
  10. Papers can be in any stage with regard to publication (unpublished, submitted, published, etc.).

If you would like to organize a session or give a talk on any topic related, in a broad sense, to data mining, please send an email to seref@vt.edu together with the tentative title of the session you are planning to organize and/or the title of your talk.

Students who meet the above criteria and wish to submit their paper for consideration can submit their papers to the competition chair, Dr. Onur Seref via email (seref@vt.edu), by July 15, 2014. The subject of the email should be "DM Best Student Paper Award Submission". Late submissions will not be accepted.

Four finalists will be announced on or before August 15, 2014, and will make presentations at the INFORMS 2014 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California (November 9-12, 2014). The winner will be announced at the INFORMS DM Business Meeting and all finalists will receive an award certificate.

Please send any questions to Dr. Onur Seref (seref@vt.edu).